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Secure Dropbox Alternative

Simple Secure Access to Online Storage, with Team Collaboration


This white paper describes Gladinet Cloud Team Edition, an access solution that supports the BASIC use cases for online storage.

These include:

  • Backup local content to online storage
  • Access online storage with any device
  • Share and Synchronize content
  • Identity Integration
  • Collaborate securely

Problem Statement

As businesses migrate to online storage, more and more are experimenting with Dropbox, SugarSync and a bunch of other solutions.

For various reasons, the solution you found wasn't exact matching your requirements and you ran into several problems.

First problem is that for big data set, the initial sync takes forever to finish. Before it finishes, there is no easy way to collaborate on the data set.

Second problem is that you ran into overlapping file editing and modification. There is no easy way to lock the files when modifying.

Last but not least, you have file servers and you would like to see a more file server friendly product. The current solution you have are all very much focused on the desktop and laptop.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet Cloud Team Edition solves these problems with a flexible, multi-tiered architecture.

This architecture allows any cloud storage service to be used with the Gladinet Cloud access infrastructure and provides support for multiple device types and file servers.


Drive Mapping Gladinet provides an different approach from synchronization based solution. Instead, Gladinet present to you a drive letter pretty much like the traditional C:, D: drive that you are familiar with. Within the drive , you can do direct random access, without waiting for the sync to finish. The drive interface is the main user interface while the sync functionality is in the background.
File Locking File locking is possible with the Gladinet drive mapping technology. When you collaborate in a team folder, Gladinet can detect file editing event and notify other users at the earliest time.
File Server Support Gladinet Cloud makes it possible to form a distributed file system over the Internet. Each file server can replicate local folder content to cloud and vise versa in the background. The desktop client and the file server agent client are optimized respectively for desktop and file server.

Solution Highlights

Online Backup

Every business has information that is vital to its successful operation. This is true no matter what the size of the organization. In fact, there are many statistics which clearly indicate that data loss is a significant driver of business failures.

These businesses not only need to backup essential information, they are faced with the challenge of dealing with more and more of it across many different types of devices. It is becoming increasingly difficult for IT professionals to manage the rising costs of managing their rapidly expanding data sets.

Attached Folder Synchronization

To address these issues, Gladinet Cloud Team Edition provides the ability to attach an existing folder to online storage.

The contents of an attached folder will be synchronized with online storage and will immediately become accessible for remote users. From the users’ perspective, it will appear that all content was instantly uploaded.

This is in stark contrast to most online storage access services where files in a folder will not become accessible until they have been copied to cloud storage, and users have to wait while data is being copied from an on-premise location to online storage, where it will become available for access.

Synchronization and Versioned Backup

The attached folder’s contents will be synchronized with the cloud and a versioned backup will be maintained for each file in the attached folder, but even before the initial synchronization is completed, the entire contents of the attached folder can be accessed anywhere by any of the Gladinet clients.

Hybrid Access

Once the initial synchronization has been completed, you have the option to remove the original server or continue to work in hybrid mode where the attached folder can be accessed through the on-premise file server or offsite with any device. In either case, changes that are made to the folder’s contents will be synchronized and restores can be performed from the versioned backup.

Snapshot Backup

Gladinet Cloud Team Edition also provides a snapshot backup which supports the backup of open or locked files. Snapshot backups provide optimal efficiency since they only store the incremental changes once the initial snapshot has been stored.

Online Storage Access

Perhaps the most basic challenge of online storage is how to provide access. Fundamentally, cloud storage services use primitive commands embedded in the HTTP protocol. These commands allow a developer to write programs that can interact with cloud storage but are not helpful for end users who need to access online storage using familiar paradigms like a drive letter on their desktop, or a file share on their network.

Gladinet Cloud Team Edition gives them the capability to access online storage from any device using native interfaces.

Mapped Drive Access

Gladinet’s solution provides a mapped drive on PCs so that users can use familiar tools like Windows Explorer and Mac Finder to access files in their online storage. A big advantage of the Gladinet approach is that you can maintain your existing file tree hierarchy - unlike other solutions which require your existing directory structure to be refactored to a special folder.

Mobile Device Access

The Team Edition provides mobile applications for any iOS or Android device. Once installed, these applications allow native mobile device access to the Gladinet Cloud. For example, on an iPhone, the Gladinet Cloud application can be downloaded from the Apple store, configured with a Gladinet user name and password (which could actually come from active directory) and then used for direct access to files in the Gladinet Cloud or on an on-premise file server.

File Server Integration with Online Storage

Gladinet Cloud Team Edition provides several clients including Gladinet Cloud Server which is specifically designed for file servers. This client allows a file server to act as an online storage gateway providing clientless access to online storage through network file shares. It also allows existing file shares to be attached to online storage for instant access.

Web Portal

Gladinet Cloud can be accessed from any modern web browser, such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. An explorer-like interface is provided and files can be dragged directly into the browser.

Synchronization and Sharing

As mentioned above, the contents of an attached folder will be synchronized with online storage and will immediately become accessible for remote users.

Users are also provided with the ability to share a file or folder with anyone.

Identity Integration with Online Storage

Secure online collaboration is made possible through Gladinet’s tight integration with Active Directory. Any Gladinet Cloud Server instance can be used as a proxy by the Gladinet Cloud infrastructure to automatically sync user information from Active Directory. The user information is used to control authorization and access to shared content like team folders.

Secure Online Collaboration

Administrators can create shared workspaces with access controls using Team Folders in Gladinet Cloud. Once published by the administrator, a team folder will become accessible by every account user who has been granted access.

Any folder in the Gladinet Cloud can be published as a team folder. This makes it possible to attach an existing folder on an on-premise file server to Gladinet Cloud, and then publish it as a team folder.

With Gladinet’s AD integration, a user can therefore login to the Gladinet cloud with his existing Active Directory credentials, and then access the team folder remotely from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. And any changes made to the contents of the team folder will be protected by distributed file locking and synchronized across all locations.


Gladinet Cloud Team Edition allows an organization to provide simple, secure access to online storage for all their backup, synchronization and collaboration needs.

With the Gladinet solution, users can continue to use familiar paradigms like mapped drives, file shares and applications on their mobile devices to leverage online storage.

Next Steps

If you haven't seen "Gladinet Cloud" in action, click the button below to sign up for a team edition account. It has 14-day trial that gives you direct experience of what it is.The sign up process is 3 minutes, so you can see it in action very quickly and evaluate it thoroughly.


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