Gladinet Cloud
HP Helion Ready

Rebrand and deploy a self-hosted Dropbox alternative with HP Helion OpenStack Swift

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise Edition allows an organization to provide simple, secure access to HP Helion OpenStack Swift for all their backup, synchronization and collaboration needs.

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise Edition Includes the same
features as Team Edition plus these features

private file sharing diagram

Private File Sharing

Gladinet lets you create a completely on-premise sync and share solution to prevent the threat of information leakage through public clouds.

  • Simple On-Premise Deployment
  • HP Helion OpenStack Support
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Self Hosting On-Premise

Gladinet provides a sync and share platform that is completely owned by the Service Provider or Enterprise, from the back end storage and control infrastructure to the front-end web browser, desktop client and mobile devices.

  • Installable Sync and Share
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Branding
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self hosting on premise diagram
active directory integration diagram

Active Directory Integration

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise uses your existing identities and infrastructure to create a private sync and share platform.

  • Leverage Existing Identities
  • Merge IT Infrastructure with HP Helion OpenStack
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HP Helion OpenStack Swift Integration

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise lets you create a private sync and share solution using HP Helion OpenStack Swift. Earning the "HP Helion Ready" badge allows Gladinet Cloud Enterprise to be sold into an expansive base of customers who have the assurance that the solution is backed by HP and Gladinet.

  • Private Storage
  • Simple On-Premise Deployment
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openstack swift integration diagram
hybrid cloud with file servers diagram

Hybrid Cloud with File Servers

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise provides several integration options for your existing file servers.

  • Hybrid File Server with HP Helion OpenStack Swift
  • Remote File Server Access
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