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Online Access to Home Directories

Provide Easy Online Access to User Home Directories


This white paper describes CentreStack with Active Directory Home Directory integration. The solution can be used by businesses to privately deploy and host a file sync and share solution, providing an access layer (browser, mobile, desktop and file server access) around private cloud storage service and local file server storage, while retaining full control of data and the related access infrastructure.

Problem Statement

Many businesses have standardized on Active Directory and Windows file servers for their storage solution. In Active Directory, administrators can assign home directories to users. When users logs into Windows workstations, their home directories will appear under a specified drive letter. This works well when users have dedicated workstations.

In an educational environment, when faculty move from class to class, most of the time they have an always-on kiosk type of PC for access. In this environment, It is more efficient to access each staff's home directory quickly and easily, through online web browser, or mobile devices, without user switching from the kiosk.

Previous Options

Previously, a user needed to log off and log into the PC before their home directory is mapped to a drive letter for access. There was no web browser or mobile device based access.

Gladinet Solution

CentreStack provides a solution for the problem above through native integration with Active Directory and its home directory settings. As a result, each user can easily access their home directory from a web browser, mobile device, desktop or file server.

Benefit 1 - Support Active Directory Users

There is no additional setup to add active directory users to the solution. Active Directory users can simply log in to the on-premise Gladinet Cloud web portal.

Benefit 2 - Native integration with Home Directory

User's home directory information will be directly used for web browser based and mobile device access.


CentreStack should be installed on a Windows 2008 R2, or a Windows 2012 R2 server as shown in the following configuration. You can connect Active Directory to the CentreStack instance as the user manager. You can also connect your local file server to the CentreStack Server.


CentreStack leverages the local connectivity to Active Directory and tightly integrates with Active Directory and User's home directory settings to provide a seamlessly integrated file sync and share solution for easy online access.

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