Team Edition

Simple, secure and seamless collaboration on any device. Hosted by Gladinet.


Simple Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration with Your Team Members Anytime, Anywhere


Gladinet Cloud and Gladinet Cloud Enterprise make it simple to collaborate with team members, as well as with external partners, clients and vendors.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet solutions include a web-based file manager, Gladinet Cloud Desktop client (Team Client) and Gladinet Cloud File Server client (Cloud Server). These products give you the option to share from your desktop PC or share from a file server and collaborate online.

Feature 1 - Team Folder Sharing

The administrator can create a team folder and assign it to team members. Team members can access the team folder over the Internet using a browser-based file explorer, Desktop client, File Server client, or mobile devices.

Feature 2 - Sharing with an Individual

Each Gladinet Cloud user can share files and folders with other Gladinet Cloud users, with read/write permissions. They can also share files and folders with external partners, giving them read-only, browser-based access.

Feature 3 - File Locking

File locking is available for files inside a team folder. File locking is also available from native desktop client. You can right click a file and check-out for file locking and check-in after it is done.

Feature 4 - File Versions

File will have change history and version history inside a team folder.

Feature 5 - File Comments

Team members can put comments on files and folders inside the team folder.

Feature 6 - File Change Notification

Team members can subscribe to change notifications for files and folders.

Feature 7 - Folder Permission

Administrator can set up folder permissions at a sub-folder level, when inside a team folder.


Gladinet Cloud Team Edition allows an organization to provide a simple, secure online collaboration solution over the Internet.