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Seamless IT Migration to Cloud

Seamlessly merge cloud storage solutions with your IT infrastructure


Gladinet Cloud makes it easy to use online storage services. Combined with Gladinet Cloud Server, it makes it easy to merge cloud storage into your file server storage for daily operation.

Problem Statement

You have been tasked to migrate your company IT infrastructure to cloud over time. However, there is too much on-premise infrastructure (such as many existing file servers) to make it an overnight switch. You are looking for a seamless solution that combines cloud storage services with on-premise file servers to form a hybrid solution which gradually migrates your data to the cloud, allowing you to remove your local infrastructure any time you would like to.

Over time, the data in local file servers grows and there is increasing demand to access files from multiple locations. These files and folders may also exist in multiple locations.

Previous Options

You may have several solutions that have limited capabilities. For example, you may have an online backup solution that leverages cloud storage services to backup on-premise data. You may also have an online collaboration and file sync solution that is limited to certain business activities. So you are using cloud storage services to some extent, but you don't have a convenient way to systematically and seamlessly migrate your IT infrastructure over to the cloud.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet allows you combine cloud storage and local storage seamlessly during migration

Benefit 1 - Great Performance

Once a local folder is attached and starts to contribute files and folder structure to the cloud, it speeds up access from the other sites. Avoid the frustration of much slower VPN solutions

Benefit 2 - Great Usability

When branch offices and main offices have local folders attached to online storage, the same files and folder structure is presented to main office users and branch office users. Everyone will see the same unified view.

benefit 3 - Online Backup

Since local files and folders are synchronized to cloud storage service, you automatically get an offsite backup.