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The Gladinet Difference

Why You Would Need Gladinet?

There are many online storage solutions out there in the market. Many have online web browser based access. Many have desktop clients. Many have mobile apps. Many support online collaboration and file sharing.

Gladinet Cloud has all these features. But why you would need Gladinet Cloud and not the others?

Maintain Data Control

The most important difference is about maintaining data control. Most of the other solutions forced you to use their online storage and lock you into their services. Gladinet not only provides default storage account, but also allows you to plug-in your own cloud storage accounts. For example, if you have your own Amazon S3, Windows Azure, GovCloud S3, Google Cloud Storage or HP Cloud Storage, you may wish to be able to maintain control of the cloud storage account directly and plug it into a higher level online storage solution (than raw read/write/delete) that provides a variety of client device access, backup, file synchronization and online collaboration solutions.

Solving Big Data Problem

Another big difference is about solving big data problem. Many other online storage solutions give you browser based access or desktop full-synchronization based solution. These may work for small data set. How much data you can access over the web browser alone? And how much time it takes to fully synchronize your files and folders before the others can use it? Browser based access and full-sync based solution are for small data set.

Gladinet solves big data problem by giving you two additional tools.

  • Drive Letter based access with a drive showing up in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Drive letter gives you direct random access, regardless of how big the data set is.
  • Attach local folder to cloud. You can attach local folder to cloud. Once it is attached, it is ready for direct random access, reducing the migration time down to zero.

Providing File Server Solution

Most of the other online storage services stop at providing desktop clients because they are solving the consumer problem. Galdinet is solving the business problem, especially for businesses that have remote offices and branch offices (ROBO).

Gladinet's File Server Solution can help remote offices and branch offices unify the file server file structures into a cohesive single namespace that can be accessed from multiple offices.

Helping Branch Office

Branch offices usually have a harder time to access files. On one hand, branch offices have local file servers for local performance. On the other hand, branch offices need to access files from main office. So there is multiple file structures that the branch office manages.

With Gladinet Team Edition and Gladinet Cloud Server, the multiple file structure can be unified in to a single file server namespace, making it much easier for branch offices to access and use.