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Online Storage Desktop Integration

Use online storage as if it were just another drive on your PC


Gladinet Cloud and Gladinet Cloud Enterprise make it simple to use online storage and integrate it with existing IT infrastructure.

The files and folders in the cloud can be integrated natively into a PC as a local logical drive, allowing seamless user migration to online storage without retraining.

Problem Statement

You would like to integrate Online Storage into your existing IT infrastructure. However, you don't want to retrain users.

Most users are familiar with the concept of a USB or external drive. When online storage is presented as a virtual external drive, it provides the easiest path to adoption.

Previous Options

Most online storage services have browser based access methods. Some also have a specialized folder that will be synchronized with online storage. These require users to learn new ways of using online storage, which is not very similar to their existing storage options and takes time to learn.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet allows you to access online storage directly from a desktop PC or file server. The online storage will appear as a drive letter for direct, random access.

Gladinet solutions include Gladinet Cloud Desktop client (Team Client) and Gladinet Cloud File Server client (Cloud Server). The team client gives you a local drive mapped directly to online storage. The Gladinet Cloud File Server client not only gives a drive letter presentation to the online storage, but also allows the folders inside the online storage to be published as network share.

Solution 1 - Gladinet Cloud Team Client

Gladinet Cloud Team Client creates a local drive for the online storage you are using.

Solution 2 - Gladinet Cloud Team Server

Gladinet Cloud Team Server can integrate online storage as a file server volume. From the file server volume, the folders from online storage can be published as network shares on the local area network.


Gladinet Cloud Team Edition allows an organization to provide a simple, secure file and folder sharing solution over the Internet with local drive access to online storage.