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Simplify Branch Office File Structure

Unify File Structure across Remote Sites with Gladinet Cloud


Gladinet Cloud makes it easy to use online storage services. Combined with Gladinet Cloud Server, it makes it easy to unify multiple branch office file structures into one single namespace.

Each remote location will share the same unified view of files and folders as the main office.

Problem Statement

You have multiple remote locations and mobile workers. The corporate data center is close to the main office and the users in the main office have good connectivity, speed and local user experience when accessing files and folders from the corporate data center.

However, branch and remote offices may have slow access times for files and folders in the main office which often has a file server optimized for local access.

Over time, the data in the local file server grows as does the demand to access files from multiple locations.

Previous Options

You may have a VPN solution that connects multiple sites together but it doesn't unify the data into a single namespace for access.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet provides a cloud storage account with a global namespace that unifies file and folder structure. From each remote site, you can have Gladinet Cloud Servers contributing files and folders to the unified namespace.

Benefit 1  - Great Performance

Once a local folder is attached and starts to contribute files and folder structures to the cloud, it speeds up access from the other sites.

Benefit 2 - Great Usability

When branch offices and main offices have local folders attached to online storage, the same files and folder structures are presented to main office users and branch office users. Everyone will have the same view.

Benefit 3 - Online Backup

Since local files and folders are synchronized to cloud storage services, by default, they are always backed up.