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Leverage Gladinet Cloud Enterprise to unify branch office file servers

Unify Branch Office File Structures into One Storage Namespace in Gladinet Cloud Enterprise

Gladinet Cloud makes it easy to migrate file server to cloud storage services, such as your own storage services in your own data center through the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise. Gladinet Cloud provides a piece of file server software, the Gladinet Cloud Server Agent. The server agent can be installed on windows 2003/2008/2012 file server and provide folder migration functionalities to the file server.

As a common practice to migrate folder structures to cloud storage service, you can migrate file servers from multiple branch offices into one single Gladinet Cloud Enterprise tenant account. After that, you can see all the folders from the branch offices unified into one single name space, ready to be accessed from any capable device.

After you have done it from a branch office, you can continue to repeat the same steps on other branch offices and keep adding folders from other branch office to the OpenStack Swift. After all, it is a single namespace and unified file structure that you can use.