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Sync outside the box with this self-hosted, enterprise file sync and share platform.

Solution Brief

CentreStack Enterprise File Sync and Share

Many businesses are interested in storing their content in an online storage solution that makes it easy to access, manage or share it from any location with any device.

They must also ensure that their content remains secure and that the process of cloud storage adoption is non-disruptive.

Finally, they must make sure that the solution satisfies all the BASIC cloud storage use case. These include backup, access, synchronization and sharing, identity management and collaboration.

CentreStack addresses concerns about the ease of migration and provides a simple, secure, multi-device access model for online storage. It further supports the BASIC cloud storage use cases, works with most popular public cloud storage services and can be configured to leverage any pre-existing cloud storage account. Some of these businesses may also be looking for solutions to any of the following problems.

Private Cloud Storage Access

Companies are adopting private cloud storage services such as OpenStack Swift, in addition to the traditional file server network shares. A successful private cloud storage solution must provide simple access methods for the BASIC use cases. These include backup, access, synchronization, identity management and collaboration. A reasonable migration strategy must be implemented to move existing data to private online storage without disruptions.

Mobile Access to On-Premise Data

There is an increasing need to provide access solutions for mobile devices. Many cloud access solutions cover this use case but some organizations are not ready to move their data to the cloud. Essentially, they want to be able to access on-premise file server data from any location with any device.

Private Access to Online Storage

An enterprise may be willing to place some faith in a service provided by an industry stalwart like Amazon, Google, HP, or Microsoft but have a difficult time depending on access infrastructure provided by relative newcomers like Box, Dropbox, or Gladinet. They therefore prefer to control the access infrastructure themselves while leveraging online storage from a large provider such as Windows Azure or Amazon GovCloud.

Multi-tenant Access to Online Storage

A service provider may need a way to provide multi-tenant access to their SaaS solution giving each customer their own private access infrastructure.


CentreStack (Gladinet Cloud Enterprise) provides a solution for each of these problems. Just like the standard offering of the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition, it solves the BASIC access needs for private cloud storage but allows the access infrastructure to be deployed on-premise with a very simple installation and setup process that can be completed in minutes. GCE can be deployed with storage from a private cloud, public cloud or on-premise servers and is very tightly integrated with Active Directory. Once configured:

  • Remote users can use mobile devices to access on-premise file server content without a virtual private network (VPN)
  • The convenience of Dropbox-like features can be combined with the security and control of private deployment
  • A private cloud can be automatically created from existing file servers
  • Home directories in Active Directory will be automatically prepared for secure remote access

For more information, please consult the GCE white paper or contact partner@gladinet.com

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